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  • Finding Light in Darkness

    Explores the little known disease called Hidradenitis Suppurativa, or HS, which causes an estimated 1% of Americans to suffer from large and extremely painful boils that break out on their bodies and are so excruciating – both physically and mentally – that people with HS are twice as likely to commit suicide.

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  • Unfinished Portraits

    A compelling story of a young graphic artist named Dylan Duncan who is dealing with a rare and fatal genetic disease called Hereditary Amyloidosis, a disease that he watched kill his mother and aunt when he was a teenager.

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  • Finding Normal in an Electrical Storm

    S1:E103 – 70% of kids with Epilepsy respond favorably to their first medication. Joshua and Maya are among those kids who didn’t and instead have lived their whole lives with multiple seizures almost every single day since infancy.

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  • All I Want To Do Is Breathe

    Bob Rawlins is a nonsmoker who lived an active and normal life without any type of breathing issues or illnesses, – that is until he came down with a devastating pulmonary condition seemingly out of the blue under a category called Interstitial Lung Disease. Bob suddenly and without any recognizable cause is having to live with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

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  • Living A Full Life With A Royal Disease

    S1:E105 – Ben Shuldiner learned very early in life that Hemophilia B, a hereditary bleeding disorder, he inherited, where blood cannot properly clot to control bleeding, could either define him or that he could rise to another level and define himself.

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