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Ellen’s Story


Disabling the PainChronic Migraine

In this Medical Stories feature, we meet Ellen, a wife and mother who shares her passion for the outdoors with her husband. An ideal family weekend includes many hours spent paddling their kayaks in the canals near their home.

Ellen counted herself very lucky in life until she began suffering from Chronic Migraine. It all started shortly after her daughter was born. For several years migraines ruled her life and often interfered with her ability to get to work. She found it hard to explain because it happened so often and came to feel the sting of shame known so well to those who are familiar with migraine. People don’t always understand just how debilitating it is, she told us. Worst of all Ellen missed out on countless family times with when she was too ill to leave a dark bedroom. Happily, things are much better for Ellen today.

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