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Lisa’s Story


Rare Resilience – Hereditary Angioedema / HAE

When she was 12, Lisa started suffering from mysterious swelling. Sometimes in her abdomen, often her hands or feet. The worst was when her face swelled, distorting her features. It was devastating, painful and often left her feeling upset and ashamed. The doctors were mystified. Only her mom understood her anguish because whatever this terrible thing was, her mother had it too. A life-threatening medical crisis finally led to the diagnosis of a rare disease called: hereditary angioedema, or HAE. With that came hope and treatment for both women. Today, Lisa is able to better control her HAE and enjoys a full and active life with her husband and young son. Both Lisa and her mother remain under the close care of Dr. Marc Riedl, MD, Clinical Director US HAE Angioedema Center at UC San Diego Health.

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