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Finding Normal in an Electrical Storm – Joshua and Maya’s Story with Epilepsy

70% of kids with Epilepsy respond favorably to their first medication. Joshua and Maya are among those kids who didn’t and instead have lived her whole life with multiple seizures almost every single day since infancy, as well as the powerful side effects of their many medications.

Braving Cancer – Aubrey’s Emmy-Winning Story of Finding Strength Through Breast Cancer

Aubrey Morgart would be the first one to admit that weddings are the happiest of times in a girl’s life. This once beaming bride was beyond jubilant on her big day as she thought of herself as fortunate while forever counting her blessings. There was her beautiful toddler, her caring husband and a house, that although a fixer-upper, was a cozy cottage filled with love and plenty of potential.

Treating PAD: Free Flowing Arteries Benefit More than Your Heart

It’s a disease that few people may know by name, but Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is estimated to impact the lives of one out of five Americans over the age of 60 and almost a third of people over 70.

The Personal Story of an American Hero

B.T. Washington was a genuine American hero. He spent 30 years serving his country in the United States Air Force and earned the rank of Master Sergeant, the highest rank a non-commissioned officer can obtain, and one that is awarded very selectively.

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